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Frequently Asked Questions

These are our most frequently asked customer questions. If you have any other inquiries, please contact us and we’ll be happy to reach out.

When should I arrive for my scheduled event?

Our party hosts will manage the bulk of the work for you, so you don’t have to! We would, however, love to go over the timeline and events with you before your guests arrive. Parents and/or chaperones should arrive 10-15 minutes before your event is scheduled. If you would like to bring table centerpieces or decorations, please feel free to arrive 20-30 minutes prior to your start time to set everything up.

Can I bring decorations and/or tabletop centerpieces?

Sure! We have four tables inside and two outside on the patio if you would like to bring centerpieces. We also have three cocktail tables that sit in the corners of the party room which are perfect for balloons or flower vases to sit on. There is an 18” x 5’ table right inside the party room door that is the ideal landing spot for birthday or shower gifts or a guest registry book. Please arrive 20-30 minutes prior to your event start time so the room is ready for your guests’ arrival.

Can I bring my own food for my event?

We do not allow any food brought in that isn’t on our “Approved Vendors” list. Since we are a 100% gluten free facility and we make all our ice creams on site at Lolley’s Tasting Room, we can’t risk the chance of cross contamination in our kitchen and dining area. BUT we have delicious menus from some amazing local restaurants that should be able to meet all your party needs.

Can I bring a cake to go with your AWESOME ice creams?

We do not allow any external food since we can’t risk the cross contamination in our gluten free facility. We do, however, offer custom made sugar cookies that can match the theme of your event. We can also add a cookie cake with a custom message, brownies, cookies, bundt cakes or a custom ice cream pie. Your guest of honor can even create their own custom ice cream flavor to serve!

How many chaperones will I need for my party?

All events with guests 18 years old or under require adult chaperones. The chaperone ratio will be enforced and does exclude Lolley’s Party Hosts. 

The adult/child ratios are as follows:

Age:      Adult/Child Ratio:
0-2        1:3
2-3        1:4
4-8        1:6
9-12      1:8
13-16    1:10
17-18    1:20

As an example, if your guest of honor is turning 8 and is celebrating with fourteen of their friends, you would need to provide at least three (3) adult chaperones for the duration of the event. Each required chaperone will receive a complementary LOLLEY’S ICE CREAM TREAT during the event. 

How early should I schedule my event?

We recommend at least 30 days in advance to make sure we have available staff and/or vendors (if needed) to make your event run as smoothly as possible. If you are outside of that 30 day window, please fill out our Inquiry Form and we’ll reach out to see what we can do to accommodate you and your guests. 

How do I pay for my event?

After we learn about your event and you decide to book with us, we will send you an invoice for a 50% deposit on your event total. After that initial payment is received, we will secure your date and time on our Event Calendar. The remaining balance will be due one week prior to your event. If you need to add anything to your event on the day (coffee drinks, extra scoops of ice cream, an extra guest, etc) we will settle the remainder of the bill when your event is complete.

Why is there a $100 damage deposit added to my total?

We try and make sure all our games and equipment are in excellent shape for you and your event guests. If something is damaged during your event beyond normal wear & tear, we need to be able to replace the item for our next guests. Nothing will be charged without discussing it with you first and if everything ran smoothly, you’ll get 100% of the damage deposit back within a week after your party date.

Do I need to stay and help clean up after my event is over?

Included in your event package is set up and clean up by Lolley’s Party Hosts, so no need to stay and help clean up. We’ve only allowed an hour turn around between events, so after your allotted event time is up, please ensure that your all your guests receive prompt pick up. 

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